Basketball practice 


Shoulder circuit 10 reps with 2.5lbs or 5lbs.

  1. Pause Squats 3 seconds 3 sets with 135lbs

  2. 30 Reps Close Grip Bench Press with 115lbs

  3. Bench Press 1x3 @ 165lbs 1x3 @ 185lbs 1x3 @ 205lbs

  4. Back Squat 1x2 @ 185lbs 1x2 @ 205lbs 1x2 @ 225lbs

  5. Straight leg Dead Lift 65lbs use the small 10lb plates 4x10 super set with 4x5 Pull Ups 4x5 Dips

  6. Hyper Extensions 3x10 super set with 3x20 sit-ups