4 Laps
Shoulder Circuit
30 Body Squats
30 Push Ups or Scapula Squeezes
30 Sit-ups
Bar Warm Ups
30 Straight leg Dead Lifts
30 Front Squats
3x10 Upright Row
Iron Cross 15 reps each side with each leg
15 Angular Swings *standing up swinging leg forwards and backwards
15 Lateral Swings *standing up swinging leg side to side
@65lbs @75lbs 3x5 Jump Shrugs Clean Grip
5x2 Power Cleans @95lbs
@ 75lbs 20 W.U. reps then 5x3 Back Squat @115lbs and up
@ 65lbs 20 Close Grip Bench Press then 5x3 Regular Bench Press @75lbs and up
*Lower Back problems we have the Squat Machine 50 reps light weight and leg extension machine.

50 Sit-ups 5 Pull-ups 5 Dips

40 SU 5,5,

30 SU 5,5,

20 SU 5,5,

10 SU 5,5,

Stretch Down and Wipe Equipment down.