A. Skin the cat; 2,2,2; rest 2:00

  1. didnt go full body weight used my knees to balance the weight to protect the shoulders

B. Seated behind the neck snatch grip press; 8-10 x 3; rest 2:00

  1. 45# barbell only

13 minute amrap:
50' front rack walking lunge (115/75) 
40 wall balls
30 CTB pull ups
20 shoulder to overhead

  1. Went one time through with Barbell only on the lunges
  2. substitute the wall balls to 40 reps of 135# power cleans 1 rep drop 1-2 second pause between each rep
  3.  did CTB's felt good on those
  4. Used 25# d.b.'s for this went one time through.
  5. *****Again this knee, I apologize and I look forward to finding out what is going on with an MRI soon! or whatever I can get done next week.  Thank you for all the adjustments you have been doing.  

*****Things that I feel great on GHD Hamstring Curls, Heavy front carries, that have to deal with the legs I can see my legs getting smaller :( :( :(. ughhh!!!!!!