A. Hang power clean; 7 tng x 5; rest 2:00 - tng meaning no pauses anywhere in the movement, including resting on the shoulders  

  1. Inside of left elbow was not feeling good I avoided this one this go around once baseball is done, and I'm not throwing the ball as much the elbow will be better Lord willing, but today it was out of sorts.  So keep programming them I'm just waging it when we get there if I can bare it or not.

B. Snatch grip RDL; 10-12 x 4; rest 2:00

  1. avoided it

20 minutes @ 85% 
500m ski
50 double unders
500m row
50 double unders
rest 5:00 x 2

  1. 4:50
  2. 4:54

C1. Banded terminal knee extension; 15/leg x 3; rest :30

  1. done

C2. Bird-dog; 5/combo x 3; rest 1:00

  1. forgot

D1. Banded X walk; 8/side x 3; rest :30

  1. Yes

D2. Side lying hip ADduction; 8/side x 3; rest :30

  1. I have a 4-way hip machine that I did this on.