A. Strict CTB pull up; accumulate 60 reps, not for time

  1. 15:45 ***My left elbow was super sensitive and it was difficult to get the elbow wanting to hang on the bar and then push down on it to get my body up.  After 35 reps my elbow began to accept it, but it was freaking aggrevating at the beginning.

B. Bent press; 4-6/arm x 4; rest 1:00 b/w arms
12 minute amrap:
1k row
100 shoulder to overhead (95) 
50 toes to bar

  1. I think I did this in 10:19 and forgot that it was an AMRAP and did not go back to the rower I have when i miss read and forget!!!!  

C. Bent over prone trap 3 raise; 10-12/arm x 3; rest 1:00 b/w arms

  1. done