From the book "God's Help for Your Every Need" 101 Life-Changing Prayers

Faithful Heavenly Father, 

I know in my head that I can trust You.  That ultimately, all things work out wonderfully for those who love and trust You.  I know hat my life is in Your hands.  But I am still living in a state of worry.  I am afraid of what will happen tomorrow.  I feel so much uncertainty in the world and in my life.

    Jesus reminded us that flowers of the field are clothed and the birds of ther are fed-and that You care for me in much greater measure than these things.  I pray that You would remind me now and throughout my day that You care for me.  You care for me more tan I care for myself.   You love me to the extent that You gave Your very life for me.  

I receive the assurance of Your presence right now.  Even if fear and worry try to rob me of the joy of today, I will walk in confidence, knowing that You will b with me every step of the way.  Even if my future plans are less than perfect, You will direct my steps.  

Thank Your for a peace that passes all understanding and that is greater than any sence of worry I feel.

In Jesus' matchless name.