Death by Annie

8 min bike or row
dynamic warm up

5 mins warm up and mobilize shoulders
Metcon (Time)
death by Annie
100 pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 air squats

every 25 reps complete 250m bike or 100m row
The row or bike does not count as reps there is also a 30min cap

Death by DT

8min bike or row
10min dynamic

10 Barbell warm up for hang cleans deadlifts and shoulder to overhead

Metcon (Time)

Death by DT (25 min cap)
10 rounds of DT at 115/75
After each round 30 double unders

DT is 11DL; 9HC; 6S2OH

Overhead Squat Work

Run 200yds
30 banded good mornings
50 face pulls with red band
20 pvc 360s
20 perfect push ups
20 scap pull ups
20 air squats
1 min pigeon pose each side
1 min box shoulder stretch

6 to 8 mins to warm up for OHS


Overhead Squat (3,3,3 @ 60% 2,2, @ 75% 1,1@80 to 85%)

record your set of 2x1

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds
15/12 cal bike
20 PS 75/55
200/175m row
10 yd OHWL 75/55

Time to AMRAP

200yd run
Arm and Leg swings

A1. kneeling single arm kb press 3x8-10
A2. goblet squats w/kb 3x4; 3511
A3. side plank on elbow 3x30-45sec
A4. WB 3x6-8
A5. single arm kb bent over row 3x8-10
*20 to 30 sec rest between each set for all

set up for work out

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)


20 WB 20/14
8 C2BPU's
40 DU's
12 T2B

Squat Clean TNG

5 min row
8 min dynamic movement
PVC Pass Throughs
30 banded good mornings
pigeon pose
box shoulder stretch

warm up to clean


Clean (10 mins to work up to a heavy TnG triple)

this is a squat clean, no power

Metcon (Time)

10 to 1 of
power cleans and burpees, once you get to 1
then you will go up
1 to 10 of
russian kb swings and goblet squats

cleans Rx 155/115; 135/95; 115/75
kb 70/53

Deadlift work

200yd run; 30 banded good morning;
20dumbbell single leg deadlift each

20 scorpions, 1 min worlds greatest stretch each leg

6 to 8 mins warm up for deadlift


Deadlift (6x8 @ 75%)

Power Snatch Heavy

8 mins of dynamic movement

3x12-15 ring dips
3x12-15 kb SDHP
20 goblet squats
20yd bear crawl

10 min warm up for snatch
position work adding weight through out


Power Snatch (4x3 heavy @70 to 85% )

Metcon (Time)

3 rounds
20 alt. kb snatch 70/53
10 T2B

Back Squat Work

8 min bike

30 banded
 10 kb squat holds

2 mins each banded ankle mobility
1 min each knee hug stretch


Back Squat (BS 6x5 @ 60% after each set 10yd lunge foward then)

Metcon (Time)

6 rounds
12 barbell jump squats
100yd sprint

3x12 GHD Hip ext.

Front Squat Progress

200yd run
2 times through
30 goblet squats
30 kb deadlifts
30 russian kb swings

2 mins each side worlds greatest stretch complex
1 min each pigeon pose


Front Squat (5x5 @ 65%)

before starting sets warm up to your 65% then if it feels light add 10lbsthen perform sets

Metcon (Time)

12 mins to complete

10 bear complex155/115
20 burpee T2B
10 bear complex 155/115
20 burpee T2B

Snatch Work

200yd run
30 pvc pass throughs
2 mins banded shoulder work

800m bike
100yd overhead dumbbell or kb walks
800m bike

Metcon (No Measure)

16 mins every 2 mins
3 power snatch 6 ohs
build weight for the first 8 mins then use the same weight throughout the last 8 mins

Metcon (Time)

for time
3200m bike
1600m row