Skill Day  

C. Box Jump Variation Drills: Max Hgt/1 Leg/Lateral Jumps/Box Overs/Box Hops. These rotation stations will be Set up as Drill work and you will work thru them as Quickly and Efficiently as Possible.  15M

Please DO NOT Jump on boxes if you are 1.) Scared 2.)Have an achilles or ankle issue 3.) Shouldn’t be Jumping on Boxes for other Safety Reasons

Instead work on Box Step ups. Put diff’t Hgt. boxes up against a wall and practice doing 50 Step Ups on Each Size.

Suicide Progressions 5 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards, 20 yards

Shuffles 1 minute rest

Karaoke 1 minute rest

Cross Run 1 minute rest

Backpeddle Sprint 1 minute rest

Sprint/ Sprint 


2k Row