30 Minute EMOM
Every 2 minutes
Starting with an Empty Barbell working weight up slowly until form breaks only a little then stay there.
1a.)Snatch Grip Deadlift+ Snatch Grip High Pull+ Squat Snatch+ OHS.
*Barbell touches ground after each rep
1b.) 20 double unders
Move with PVC Pipe or Bar only and move your body as your body allows.

Metcon (7 Rounds for time)

7 Rounds 1:30 Rest after each round
05 PVC Squat Jumps
04 Double Broad Jump *down and back = 04
03 Position Snatch 95#/55# *I cycle equals 3 reps ground+blow knee+high hang = 3 Position Snatch

Snatch weight 135#/75#
3 minute Break then move into last Metcon.

Metcon (Time)

For Time:
30 Burpee Pull-Ups

30 Burpee Bar Muscle Ups