5 Fast Wall Balls With Every Weight & 15 Second Handstand Holds.  *Scaled Plank Holds 15 seconds
1). 1 minute Banded Bully Stretch Left Side/ Right Side
2.) Foam Roll Calfs, Quads and Upper Back

Back Squat (10@60% 8@65% 4x5@80%)

Weighted Dip 6x5 Weighted Dips *use weight between legs.
Scaled continue to use bands as needed 6x10

12 minute time cap

Front Squat (3@65% 3@70% 3x3@75%)

Super Set 5x3 Weighted Strict Pull Ups *put weights between feet or knees try to keep legs tight together

10 min time cap

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds 27min time cap
06 Floor Press *Based on how you feel, partner up
06 Incline Press *Based on how you feel partner up
10 Hypers
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 Russian Twits 35#/25#
06 K.B. or D.B. Squat Snatch left side
06 K.B. or D.B. Squat Snatch right side. *choose weight accordingly to technique stay light so you can squat.

*K.B. or D.B. Squat Snatch looking for shoulder mobility and hip flexibility to squat. Use weight that allows you to safely reach the bottom of the squat.

27 minute time cap