3:00 minute row and run 6 laps
1. Foam Roll 3minutes
2 Rounds
a.) 20 Reverse V-ups
b.) 10 each side Side Lunge Squats
c.) 5 Box Jumps

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

4 Rounds:
3 Minute AMRAP *1minute rest from the moment you get done.
3 reps Power Snatch 95/45
5 reps OH Squats 95/45
7 reps CTB Pull-ups
*scaled Regular Pull-ups or Jumping Pull-ups

Scaled Weights PVC Pipe-75#s + Banded Pull-ups or Jumping Pull ups.


Metcon (Weight)

20 min EMOM
1st MINUTE 3 reps Snatch Grip Jump Shrugs Start at 70% of Snatch Max and work your way up to 90%-110% of Snatch Max
2nd MINUTE 3 reps OHSquat From the Rack Start at 50% of Snatch Max and work your way up to a max for the day.

*Partner up if possible, *Use two bars 1, for Snatch Jump Shrug 2, for OHS.  Group A doing pulls, Group B doing OHS. then Switch.

write what weight you did on OHS!

5 Minute Break