Jump right into the workout.  With time left over finish part B!

Metcon (No Measure)

45 Minutes
1.) 1 minute Plank *on elbows or hands
2a.) 30 Second Side Plank Left
2b.) 30 Second Side Plank Right
3a.) Lunge Squat Hold 1 min left leg out
4a.) 10 Jump Squats
3b.) Lung Squat Hold 1 min right leg our
4b.) 10 Jump Squats
5.) 30 Second Hollow Rock
6.) 1 min Arch Rock or Hold
7.) 15 Tap Swings *Bar or *Rings maintain hollow position and keep legs tight together
8.) Accumulate 1 min Handstand hold
9.) Pancake Stretch 1 minute
10.) Top of the Ring Dip Hold 30 seconds

Take breaks when needed* keep cycling through this for 45 minutes

NFT for Quality


1.) 50 Reps on Bench Press Least amount of sets as possible 135#/65#
2.) 5x3 Bench Press Medium Heavy
3.) 3 Rounds 10 reps of Gun Shop *plate, d.b. or bar
a.) Biceps
b.) Triceps
c.) Presses
d.) Upright Row