200 meter run/row
50 kb swings 53/35
20 single arm kb push press (10 each arm)
20 pvc PT
20 pvc 360's
30 sec each arm banded shoulder stretch
1 min each leg couch stretch


12min 2MOM mins to work up to a heavy pressing complex of
3 strict press, 2 push press, 1 push jerk/split jerk

weight is off the ground
try to move through the complex without droping

heavy does not mean PR!!!! focus on good technique

Metcon (Time)

for time
buy in ( 50 HR push ups)
3 rounds
12 dead lift
9 hang power clean
6 push jerk
@ 135/95
Scale 1 weight 115/75
Scale 2 weight 95/55

push intensity of the workout and maintain good technique!