warm up
200 yard
 5 min foam roll
then 2 mins each leg of samson stretch into pigeon pose. 1 min each positon.

30 PVC pass throughs

Metcon (Time)

 1200 meter row (while partner is rowing you will hold a kb 53/35 and kb can not touch the ground even on the transition of partners switching out on the rower. *note if your kb hits the ground before row is over your team starts back at 0!

100 Shoulder to overhead
90 abmat sit ups
80 kb swings 53/35
70 abmat sit ups
60 power snatches
50 abmat situps
40 air squats
30 supermans
20 push ups
10 supermans

weights for barbell movements
Rx 95/75
S1 75/55
S2 45/35