General WU

10-15 min warm up and stretch
then discuss workout and movements

spend some time going over dumbbell snatch during warm up...
points of performance
hip-width stance
grip the center of the dumbbell
dumbbell starts at the ground inside the feet
shoulders over or slightly in front of the dumbbell at set up
lumbar curve maintained
hips and shoulders rise at the same rate
then hips extend rapidly
heels down until hips and legs extend
shoulder shrugs, followed by a pull under with the arm
Dumbbell is received in a partial overhead squat
complete at full hip and knee extension with the dumbbell over the middle of the foot

Metcon (Time)

30 mins to complete
2000 meter row / 4000 meter bike
50 power cleans 135/95/75
40 T2B
30 dumbbell box step over 50/20/1020in. Box
20 burpees
100 double unders/ 200 singles

dumbbell in each hand for the box step overs