10-15 min warm up and stretch
then discuss workout and movements

go over dumbbell thrusters and incorporate into the warm-up
points of performance
shoulder width stance
dumbbells rest on shoulders
elbows slightly in front of body
hips descend back and down
hips descend lower than knee
lumbar curve maintained
knees in line with toes
elbows stay off knees
hips and legs extend rapidly, then press
heels down until hips and legs extend
dumbbells move over the middle of the foot
complete at full hip, knee and arm extention

Metcon (Time)

for time
100 alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35/20/10
100 double unders/ 200 singles

if there are not enough 35lb dumbbells use kb. Each person will only need one dumbbell.

Metcon (Time)

9 squat snatches @ 145/105
3 legless rope climb
6 squat snatch
2 legless rope climb
3 squat snatch
1 legless rope climb

Scaled with rope climb
9 squat snatch 115/75
3 rope climb
6 squat snatch
2 rope climb
3 squat snatch
1 rope climb

Scaled 2
power snatch 75/55
burpee pull up or burpee ring row