Deadlift EMOM

200yd run
30 sit ups
15 each side bent over kb row
15 kb SDHP
10 each sidekb suit case DL

1 min box shoulder stretch
10 each side quadruped Tspine twist


Deadlift (6min EMOM 3 TnG building)

6 mins to work up to heavy 3rm then use as starting weight for EMOM

Metcon (Time)

21cal bike
21 T2B
15cal bike
15 T2B
9cal bike
9 T2B

Cardio Monday!! AMRAP

200yd run
20 each arm single arm kb press
20 each arm kb bicep curl
10 goblet squats

1 min cobra
1 min each side pigeon pose

Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)

30 min AMRAP

1200m bike- 1rep
10 WB 20/14
20cal row
20 hollow rocks
1200m bike- 1 rep
30 step ups 20in box
20cal row
40 push ups

Lemon Water Experiment Starts Monday!

Lemon Water Experiment Starts Monday!


Starting Monday!

Lemon water containers at WP CrossFit gym for your workout recovery drinking pleasure! 

Alex wants everyone to participate and note how you feel- Can you tell a difference in your recovery and delayed onset muscle soreness when drinking regular water vs. lemon water?

Try drinking a glass of lemon water after your workout everyday for the next 2 weeks and find out!

Friday MAP day!

Friday conditioning MAP day! 

Check your WODIFY for Friday's MAP workout, or come to WP CrossFit and take advantage of Open Gym. 5:30AM and 5:30PM on Friday.

Saturday- free WOD open to the public. Workout starts at 9AM. Bring a friend and see what CrossFit is all about. 

CrossFit Intrigue is hosting Combat on the Coosa this weekend in Wetumpka. Good luck to everyone competing! Go out there and support our local CrossFit gyms and cheer on the teams. 

Squat Clean- How many reps?

800m bike then 300m row as fast as possible
30 pvc pass throughs
arm and leg swings
45 sec cobra stretch

20 each side dumbbell press.
20 banded good mornings

1 min each side couch stretch

Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)

10min work up to a heavy squat clean
2 min rest
8 min EMOM
1 power clean 2 front squats AMRAP double unders for remainder of min.

use 85% of weight lifted for squat clean

score is reps from double unders

METCON Wednesday

200 yard run
arm and leg swings
trunk rotations
10 strict pull ups or 20 ring rows

10 rope technique movements
sit on box next to rope and fix feet to rope in a J-hook method and stand then lower down.

1 min each side pigeon pose

Metcon (Time)

set up for work out

3 rounds for time

18 cal AB
21 kb swings 53/35
12 pull ups

If you have to break the work out into heats the group waiting will row a 3 min/500m pace until they can start the wod. Group that was working will row as a cool down.


TNG Snatches

200 yard run
20 each side heavy kb bent over row
20 alternating Turkish get ups
20 banded good mornings

1 min cat cow
1 min forearm stretch
2 mins each side worlds greatest stretch with a twist

Metcon (Weight)

set up and warm up snatch to 115/75/95/55

18 mins on the 2's
4TnG snatch ( power is acceptable)
8 burpees

build weight throughout workout if you drop barbell during set you can not move up in weight until you successfully complete the 4 TnG reps.

score is last weight lifted

Rest and Repeat- AMRAP

100 yard run
20 pvc pass throughs
100 yard run
20 jump squats

20 each arm bent over kb row. 53/35
20 kb swings 53/35

Box shoulder stretch 1 min

Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

5 min AMRAP
12 kb swings 53/35
30 double unders

5 min rest

5 min AMRAP
7 cal air bike
12 ttb

5 min rest

5 min AMRAP
8 wall ball 20/14
6 burpee strict pull up
**pull up must be strict**

Friday MAP

It's a surprise!! Check your WODIFY for details. 5:30AM and 5:30PM Open Gym 

Push Press- Shoulder Burner

1200m bike
400m row
20 single arm russian kb swings right
and left
10 single arm kb press right and left

Metcon (Time)

take 15 mins to set up and warm up and build to a heavy push press double from the floor then

3 rounds
50 double unders
100 yard run
10 push press 135/95